The Life of Jimmy Carter

The Life of Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter thought, “One day I will be on there, and I will be famous.”

“I want to go on a trip.”

So he did, and he often carried his own stuff.

He was the first president of the United States sworn into office using his nickname.

“I love all the things in my life.”

From 1977-1981 he was president, but it is over now.

But that was not it for him.  He helped people fight diseases.

He built a place called the Carter Center.

Colonial Farmer

I am the colonial farmer.  

I use an ax to chop wood.  I use a hoe to get the ground ready for crops.  I use a wheelbarrow to carry crops and weeds.

I harvest milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, leather, and wool to trade.  I use a water mill so we can have power.

We do not trade everything.  We keep some so we can survive.  We can’t kill all the animals for food because we need them for more babies.