My Bird Feeder Prototype

Our engineering challenge was to design a bird feeder that would attract a certain type of bird.

My problem statement:

I want hummingbirds to come to my yard.  I need a bird feeder with nectar and perches for my bird to stand on.  I will make the feeder safe from cats by hanging the feeder high.

My ideas for my bird feeder:

My prototype:

All About Snow

I like snow because I like to bury my brother in snow and then hide.  I also like to ski on four skis down our hill.  We have a big hill and a small hill.  We sled on the big hill and ski on the small hill.  I like to bike on snow.  We love to see falling snow when we go outside.  I like hail.  I go outside when there is hail.  Do you like snow because I sure do!  I could go on and on and on and on and on and on.

Thankful Things . . . .

I am thankful for lasagne soup, second and third grade, first grade, my mom, my Aunt Shaney, ReRe, Aunt Julie, Aunt Mary, stuffies, snow, money, food, frost, our house, all my classmates, marsh, hail, ice, my friend at church, my cousins, our bodies, the MVCS Board, cheesepuffs, trees, colors, my pastor, and much, much more!

Life Cycle of the Frog

I read about the life cycle of the frog.  An important vocabulary word in my book is life span.  It means the full life of the animal.

In between the frog and the tadpole is the froglet.  Frogs lay a lot of eggs because a lot of animals eat frogs.  The bigger the frog gets, the smaller the tail gets.