NH Adventure–King Arthur Flour!

You should go to King Arthur Flour.

The first reason you should go to King Arthur Flour is because you can take cooking classes.  In the cooking classes, you learn to pipe frosting, and also you can bake your own cake.  While the cake is baking, you get to make frosting.

The second reason is because there is a cafe you can eat at.  Their cafe has about one hundred different kinds of bread, and they make about 100,000 baguettes in one year.  They make their own huge marshmallows.

And now the third reason.  The food is amazing.  On the inside, your jaw goes into the soft part of the bread after your jaws work on the crust.  The inside is worth it.

I recommend it.  My family went, and we loved the food and the drinks.

I Like the Flume

(photo by Danielle Bokinala)


I went to Franconia Notch.  My favorite part was the Flume Gorge.

In the Flume, there was a lot of waterfalls and animal caves, but the stairs were kind of scary.  The stairs felt like they would snap at any moment, and then I would fall into the waterfalls.  I thought they were unsafe.  When I got to the ramp or the trail, I felt safe again.  I like feeling safe.  It is my favorite feeling.

We hiked, and I saw a big moose back at the entrance lodge.  I liked the trip.


(photo by Danielle Bokinala)