The Summers Go By

Hot air balloons,

So colorful floating in the sky.

The bees just finishing their honey.

It smells delicious.

It makes me wonder.

As hose water squirts into the sky,

The water sparkles in the sunlight.

Once we go inside,

Our clothes are soaked.

The smell of fresh grass makes me happy.

When the flowers bloom,

I admire them.

Birds communicate and chatter.

Hatching eggs and the crickle crackle of campfires,

The taste of warm marshmallows,

Reading and watching birds outside,

As they fly and chase each other in the sky,

Are all the wonders of summer.

But now the smell of smoke makes me wonder,

Fall is not here, but it is near.

Vertebrate Research: Humpback Whales

  1. Humpbacks feed mainly in summer and live off their fat in the winter.
  2. The humpback whale babies are the length of their mother’s head.
  3. There are about 50 different species of humpback whales.
  4. Humpback whales were hunted as early as the 18th century for their oil.
  5. Sea urchins stick on its mouth, so when the whale opens its mouth, the sea urchin gets some of the food.

Old-Fashioned Organ

At the Tunbridge Fair I was really interested in the old-fashioned organ.  The organ had knobs.  If you press a knob when you press a key, the knob that you press will press another key.  You had to pump the organ to make sound.  Every knob presents a key.  If you press all of the knobs, you play all of the notes.

I got to play the pump organ myself, and I pumped it.  You had to press your feet down on two little boxes.  I played, “How Great Thou Art.”  The music man looked like Abe Lincoln.  He told me how it worked, and he said, “Good job!”

I still had questions as I left, and I hope to go back again someday!