Puppet Script for My Erik Liddell Biography

So as you know, I’m home.  I came to tell you about my life.  So I was born in 1902 in China.  Then my family and I had to move to Scotland because we were missionaries.  So we went to Scotland, and if you are curious, it was by boat and it took a few weeks.  I was about five.

Then I went to the Scotland School.  In middle school, I started running.  I can’t believe it, but I made it to the Olympics!

But . . . . it was the Lord’s Day, and I would not run on Sundays, so on Sundays I preached the Word.  I did this for about ten years.  Then when I gave up my career, I went back to China to preach the Word.  In 1927, I got married to a lady named Flo and had two children, Heather and Partica.  I died in 1945.

4 thoughts on “Puppet Script for My Erik Liddell Biography

  1. Hi Erik,
    Phoebe here! The puppet you made is awesome! You must have spent a lot of time making the puppet! You are very clever and creative! Hope you are keeping safe.
    From Phoebe

  2. Your puppet is just wonderful, and I enjoyed learning more about Erik Liddell from you. What an inspiring athlete, giving his all for the Lord with the talents he was given by the Lord! Thank you for sharing.

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