The Wild Sneakers Escape

It all started with our TA Cade’s sneaker obsession.  He has over 35 pairs in his collection!

As we’ve been enjoying our spectacular read aloud, The Wild Robot Escapes, we wondered . . . . . What would happen if Cade’s sneakers decided to escape?


The Wild Sneakers Escape

by Bee Buzzer

One day there was a teenager named Cade that had thirty-five pairs of sneakers.  One pair wanted to escape!

They made a plan when he took his Nikes out of his locker, they would go out the door of the locker.  It was a Tuesday, so Cade had gym, and when he opened the door to the gym, the gym teacher had planned to do gym outside.  That was their chance!  So they ran as fast as they possibly could!

Now they were in the wild!  They wanted to fly to the North Pole, so they sneaked in someone’s car that was going to the airpot.  The shoes had never seen the grass or the trees or the road or the falling leaves on their own.  The sneakers were now wild.

They made cool names.  The names they thought of were Lefty and Righty.  So when the ride was over, Lefty and Righty jumped out of the car and went in the airport.  It was not what they thought it would be.  They thought it would be simple, but it was the most complicated thing they had ever known!

They saw lots of shoes in boxes.  Righty asked a shoe to tell him how to get on the plane.

He said, ” Just sneak through the boxes like I am.”  He started to move onto a conveyor belt.

“So who wants to go through?” said Righty.

“I will!” said Lefty.  “I will go!”

“Are you sure?”


(To be continued . . . . )