Icy Madness

To celebrate the first day of spring, we romped about in the mud, brainstormed words using all our senses, and wrote about mud season in New England.


Icy Madness


Once upon a time, there was a little Indian boy named Curious Fox.  He found a clear rock on the ground. He picked it up. It was cold, so he took it home.


It got smaller.  When he got home, he asked his parents what kind of rock it was.  They did not know.


So he said, “Maybe we can use this for our food.  The only problem is we have to find more. That would be a good idea because it keeps getting smaller by the minute.  Soon it will disappear. We need more!”


So they went to the forest and then they found a place full of clear rocks.  They picked the biggest ones and started to walk away, but then a bush rattled.  A fox came out. The family ran as fast as they could and got away. They went home and locked the door, and they put the clear rocks in their food container.


When they looked for their clear rocks, they had disappeared.  Only water was left there.


They didn’t find any more clear rocks until the next winter.



Then . . . . on the second day of spring . . . . .


4 thoughts on “Icy Madness

  1. Terrific post, Cherie. I’m an official commenter and your blog, the snowy photos and the clever story you wrote make me want to return and read more.I can’t wait to see how Spring unfolds for you in New England!

  2. I realized that AFTER I had commented and when I visited other students in your class. They are all writing terrific posts! Compliment them for me. Thanks.

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